Designer of the Week – nature design with Mia Charro

September 8, 2022 0 Comments

step into the magical world of nature design artist Mia Charro
This week we’re gonna immerse ourselves into the magical world of nature design with illustrator Mia Charro. We’ve got in contact with her because there is a part of us that is fascinated by the abundance of floral designs and handd-rawn ornaments she constantly creates, it seems from her dreams.
She ‘s a graphic designer, children’s book author but generally a nature lover. If you are ever in need of vintage floral vectors, carefully crafted doodles, banners, floral logos, bohemian fonts, decorative kits or botanical bundles make sure you visit her little shop, on creative Market.
But beyond her works we wanted to hear from the artist herself, so we “sat down” and listened to the magical words of a passionate illustrator who gets inspired by the precious nature around us.
OANA: Please tell us more about your art and design background. What made you become a designer?
MIA: I have always loved to draw and to illustrate, and somehow I love the visual side of the communication. When I was young I loved to illustrate the stories that I wrote. The visual side of the story became very important for me.

OANA: how or when did you start illustrating on a professional level?
MIA: When I graduate from advertising in 2000 I decided to study a course to create web pages. I thought Internet was going to be the future of the design and communication. I started to work on an e-learning company and there I developed my illustration and designing skills. I discovered that I absolutely loved that. It was an inflection point of my life.

OANA: Where does your inspiration come from?
MIA: Nature, always nature. For me it´s the most important source of inspiration. You can find perfect harmony and geometry in nature, in the flowers, the grass under your feet. When I´m stuck and I don´t know what to illustrate I always go to the mountains, I sit on the grass and I relax, I try to stop my mind and focus on feelings. For me that state is a door opened to inspiration.
OANA: how would you describe your style?
MIA: I don´t really know because I think I don´t have a defined style, it´s evolving through the years, I don´t want to repeat the same type of style, sometimes I use vectors, sometimes watercolors, sometimes linie de arta. I like to explore and keep it simple and natural.

OANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?
MIA: I usually use the computer. It´s very easy to add the colors you want and of course there´s the CMD+Z (hehe) My favorite software is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Intuos tablet. but I also love watercolors too. When you draw by hand, in paper, it´s a totally different process, I enjoy it a lot because you let the colors flow and it´s very relaxing.
OANA: Is there anything that you specifically avoid using in your illustrations?
I try to avoid anything that for me transmits bad feelings or violence. I think that we have enough of that and it´s time to go to the bright side ?

OANA: What was the hardest job/illustration you have ever worked on?
MIA: all of them in which I don´t feel involved, and I see myself just as an illustrating machine. It’s very frustrating. When I worked on the e-learning company I had to create illustrations for a lot of courses. I developed the technique and I´m grateful for that because the technique is also important, you need to know how to use the software, you know, but It was hard. Fortunately, today I feel free to illustrate and communicate what I really want.

OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why?(personal or from other designers)
MIA: I love this piece of Becca Stadtlander, I think it´s very poetic, you can feel the summer breeze watching it.

This print is also amazing. It´s a flood of calm.

If we talk about artists, my favorite is Nicholas Roerich, not just for his beautiful paintings but for his outstanding life (I highly recommend to read a little about it. It´s so inspiring!)
OANA: any graphic designers you admire?
MIA: My favorite illustrators are Katie Daisy and Geninne Zlatkis, because of the good vibes they communicate. For me, to communicate positive and constructive messages is a responsibility of the artist.

OANA: any words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?
Mi ar placea! first of all and the most important for me is to be passionate about what you create. It can sound like a cliché, but for me it´s true. If you are passionate and love what you do, you will do your best and you will convey your best feelings.

We’d like to thank Mia again for sharing her beautiful perspective on the world around us.
For a full portfolio with complete works and samples of the style visit her personal illustrator site.

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